Surveillance Robot



OoD8 (“Oodee-8”) is a typical small surveillance robot. When inactive the robot collapses into a sphere for easy storage. Otherwise it moves about on 4 limbs and interacts with the environment using a multitude of extendible arms and adapters coming from various hatches and compartments.


OoD8 is a robot with a new model – surveillance. Use the mechanical model, replacing the Pilot abilities Jury-Rig and Space Ace with the ability to use the Robot Scanners ability at twice the range once a day per level.

Trident Small Explorer



The Trident class small explorer is perfect for  intrepid adventurers. The top rooms can be configured as crew chambers (depicted) or as science labs. There is a secret storage space behind one of the equipment closets next to the escape pods.


  1. Cockpit
  2. Starboard Observation
  3. Port Observation
  4. Escape Pod
  5. Bathroom
  6. Starboard Room
  7. Galley
  8. Port Room
  9. Starboard Engine Room
  10. Storage
  11. Port Engine Room
  12. Landing Gear
  13. Loading Ramp


Why the Cypher System is So Awesome


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One of the things that appealed to me about the D20 revolution back in the day was that it presented a unified system of rules that applied equally to PCs, NPCs, and monsters.

One of the things that has killed my gaming spirit of late is the fact that the D20 system (and Pathfinder) is a unified system of rules that applies to PCs, NPCs, and monsters.

I want to tell stories without having to fear introducing aspects players will want access to just because the Bad Guy could do it. Bad Guys should be allowed to do cool stuff that the players will never get to do. And it is too exhausting to dictate what rules are for the GM only.

Anyway, enter Numenera and the Cypher System. This game was designed for telling cool stories without the rules getting in the way.  As the fantastic new Beyond the Book article says:

page 331 of Numenera states, “The Numenera rules are written with the assumption that the GM does not need to fall back on rules for everything, either for her own sake or as a defense against the players.” The GM isn’t bound by the rules. As that whole section of the book says, the GM is bound by logic and good storytelling. So there are no rules limiting the GM. That would be against the spirit of the game.

Of course OSR games are like that too, but Numenera is a modern game with its own unique mechanics designed from the ground up to be this way. And that is awesome.

Free RPG Day Tomorrow


Tomorrow is Free RPG Day! Get on out to your local gaming store and celebrate!

Free RPG Day site – do a search to see where the nearest participating store is!

No one near by participating? I have a similar issue (although this is Texas so I’m used to driving an hour to get anywhere) – so I asked the owner of my local store if I could host a game there anyway…we’ll see how that goes. Hopefully next year they will get involved.

This year should be especially great since it will be the first time my littlest ones are going! Next year maybe I’ll run a No Thank You, Evil game…

The Stars Are Wrong


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IMG_1196Lately I’ve graduated from my mini-Crown Royal bag to an awesome Maxpedition four-by-six to carry around my current play set of dice.

But although there was an incredible amount of room and apocalyptic protection, I didn’t feel like it gave me enough street cred …

…so I contact the incredible folks at All Rolled UpIMG_1189

I wanted something epic and they were very responsive to my queries for a custom job. In the end, though, I decided on something more lovely.I put 7 complete sets of dice plus a set of 6 siders and some miscellaneous dice in there along with my graph paper note cards, pens, and pencils


IMG_1192IMG_1193all rolled upIMG_1195

Mail Call

The mailman was busy today!mailcall1

Pass Me an Ammo Clip!


Tracking ammo in White Star

battery-energy-power-cell-rechargeableMonte Cook introduced a wand depletion mechanic on his Dungeon A Day (subscription only) blog back on Sep 29, 2009. Looking around the internet shows the concept was floatring around at sometime before 2007 (see reference to the Wands of Diminishing Returns rule). Basically, instead of tracking charges or arrows or whatever, you roll a dice. On a 1 you use the last shot (or decrease the dice or something). So instead of the RAW 20-shot power cell ammunition for laser weapons I am introducing the following

Cell is depleted after the current use when rolling a 1
Nearly Empty Cell: 1d4
Used Cell: 1d6
Low Quality Cell: 1d8
Typical Cell: 1d10
High Capacity Cell: 1d12
Freaky Alien Artifact used as a Cell: 1d100

Notice I did not include the d20. When using this rule, Mercenaries and Combat Robots bump up the next higher depletion dice to represent their better use of ammunition. Brutes are too brutish to gain a benefit. So a High capacity power cell in the hands of a merc depletes on a 1 on a d20.

Morturian_Energy_DiskAn alternative rule would be to decrease the depletion dice one step every time you roll a 1 and the device is truly empty when rolling a 1 on a d4. With this alternative, you start with a d12 and when you roll a 1 you keep going but now you roll a d10. There may be a friendly indicator on the power cell to alert the user about the quality of the cell. Using a weapon while on d4 is somewhat risky! Furthermore, just for fun, if you roll a 1 and then roll a 1 on the next use, that means the power cell malfunctions – BOOM! take 1d4 damage. Just a thought…

Finally, I would introduce a Freaky Alien Artifact that can be hacked as a power cell that uses the d100 for depletion (and you can use a 1 or a 1 and 2 for depletion). Do not apply the bonus for Mercenaries and Combat Robots here since this alien tech.