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One of the things that appealed to me about the D20 revolution back in the day was that it presented a unified system of rules that applied equally to PCs, NPCs, and monsters.

One of the things that has killed my gaming spirit of late is the fact that the D20 system (and Pathfinder) is a unified system of rules that applies to PCs, NPCs, and monsters.

I want to tell stories without having to fear introducing aspects players will want access to just because the Bad Guy could do it. Bad Guys should be allowed to do cool stuff that the players will never get to do. And it is too exhausting to dictate what rules are for the GM only.

Anyway, enter Numenera and the Cypher System. This game was designed for telling cool stories without the rules getting in the way.  As the fantastic new Beyond the Book article says:

page 331 of Numenera states, “The Numenera rules are written with the assumption that the GM does not need to fall back on rules for everything, either for her own sake or as a defense against the players.” The GM isn’t bound by the rules. As that whole section of the book says, the GM is bound by logic and good storytelling. So there are no rules limiting the GM. That would be against the spirit of the game.

Of course OSR games are like that too, but Numenera is a modern game with its own unique mechanics designed from the ground up to be this way. And that is awesome.