Barrel Rider Games’ White Star is out!!!

white-crystal-mdI’ve been thinking about a game like this for my kids for a while so why not share my thoughts in appreciation?

A Star Sword is powered by a trio of crystals that are said to resonate with followers of The Way. These crystals help to generate, focus, and amplify the blade energy.

In games terms, the power crystal provides the 1d6 damage base while the other two are responsible for +1 to the damage each.

This represents a basic Star Sword with standard crystals. However, there are other crystals that provide alien or mystical benefits.

Power crystals are found only on hidden and sacred locations. Focus and amplification crystals can be found anywhere and have the following benefits.

Common focus and amplifier crystals – roll 1d8
1 Flawed Crystal – allows the Star Sword to function but does not convey any bonus
2-5 Typical Specimen – contributes +1 to Star Sword damage
6 Particular Clarity – contributes +2 instead of +1 the Star Sword damage
7 Superior Cut – does not contribute to the Star Sword damage but adds +1 to hit
8 Rare Composition – contributes +1 to Star Sword damage and adds +1 to hit

Unique Crystals – roll 1d10
1 Lightning – unique focus crystal that grants an increased awareness. Star Knights gain +1 to initiative
2 Final Reply – unique focus crystal that boosts the Protection from Missiles II meditation by adding a +1 to the Saving Throw roll to reflect back a laser attack, and imposes a -1 to the target’s Saving Throw to avoid the returning blast
3 Flare – unique amplifier crystal that contains a rare flaw causing the blade to flare up under certain circumstances. If you roll a natural 20 to hit the total damage is doubled (roll twice) for that strike.
4 The Crystal Heart – unique focus crystal that doubles the duration of Detect meditations
5 Star Fire – unique power crystal of rare perfection that provides a base damage of 2d4
6 Lady’s Luck – unique focus crystal that allows the Star knight to reroll one natural 1 per day. The second result is used regardless of the value. The Star Sword must be on the Star Knight’s possession for the ability to be used.
7 Shadow Strike – unique amplifier crystal that causes an opposing Star Sword to flicker out for 1 round if a Saving Throw made by the Star Kight fails (other classes automatically fail). This amplifier crystal does not contribute a +1 to the Star Sword damage. Using this crystal is generally considered in poor taste by the Star Knights
8 Purity of Light – unique focus crystal that increases the healing provided by Heal meditations by an additional +1 hp
9 Nebula Hammer – unique amplifier crystal that triggers a Stupor effect on the target when a natural 20 is rolled to hit. The target can make a Saving Throw to negate the effect.
10 Forest Friend – unique focus crystal that doubles the range and effectiveness of Speak with Animals and Speak with Plants meditations (the effectiveness impact is determined by the referee but should be allowed as long as the creature is not put in unreasonable harm)