Athame and Dagger

A bloodcaster’s athame is a magical knife used in bloodcasting rituals. When used outside of combat to sacrifice hit points for spellcasting, the knife reduces the number of hit points required by 1. This small knife cannot be used in combat.

A bloodcaster’s dagger is a ornate blade used to harvest the power of blood for spellcasting. When the dagger is used to deliver the killing blow against an opponent 1 hit point per monster HD is harvested, causing the blade to glow with a reddish light.  If subsequently used to power a bloodcasting spell, the harvested hit points are expended before those of the caster.  The dagger returns to normal after the bloodcasting even if all the harvested hit points were not used.  Any remaining harvested hit points are lost. If the dagger is used to kill another opponent before expending the previously harvested hit points, the previous hit points are lost. The delicate nature of this ceremonial blade causes it to destroyed if a 1 rolled to hit in combat.