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a new class for S&W and S&W Whitebox

Not all adventurers are brazen warriors or flashy wizards. When a torchbearer hireling graduates to full party member they become a crucial asset in plundering dark places.

Torchbearers may advance to 5th level.

Level XP HD (d6) BHB ST
1 0 1 +0 12
2 1,500 2 +0 11
3 3,000 3 +1 10
4 6,000 4 +1 9
5 12,000 5 +2 8

Weapon/Armor Restrictions: Torchbearers may only use dagger, club, hand axe, dart, light crossbow, and sling. Torchbearers may only wear leather armor, but cannot use a shield.

Firestarter: A torchbearer can start a fire by rolling their level or lower on a d6 even without a flint and steel or tinderbox.

Torch Craft: A Torchbearer can cobble together a torch by foraging in the wilderness or from dungeon detritus by rolling their level or lower on a d6.

Flameward: A Torchbearer can extend the life of a torch by 1 turn per level. Furthermore, any event or action that might extinguish a torch is allowed a saving throw to remain lit.

Firemaster: A Torchbearer can use a lit torch as a club doing an additional +1 per level fire damage per hit.

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