WP_001720The other day I stumbled across an amazing find…my dice from the early to mid 80’s

Here are some precision dice with edges so sharp they should come with a warning label. The d20’s are the old 1-20 and older 0-9 and +0 – +9 flavor.

WP_001722There are also two d30’s in there. I wonder when those started circulating?

The rootbeer one is a standard 1-30. The other one, however, has -0 – -9, 0-9, and +0 – +9 on it…pretty cool! Check out the -7.

But of course, the real find is the set of dice that came with my original Moldvay Basic D&D set.  The d6 and d8 are chipped – actual battle damage from over use. I love that ugle brown ol’ d20…WP_001719