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thumb cover v2I actually think that the core rules and WotC’s approach so far is a massive step in the right direction. I even like a lot of the rules ideas I’ve seen so far.  All the adventure’s suck so far, but that may be more of my play style? No, the real reason I am unhappy about the arrival of 5e is that it has taken production time away from Swords & Wizardry (and the OSR in general).

Games released for S&W that were originally 3e don’t have the same feel as those originally written for earlier editions (original or OSR). They don’t. They try and can work, but they are different.

Tomb of the Iron God feels different than The Lost City of Barakus (and at least the first level is pretty darn close). I wish more adventures and settings would be written for S&W and then ported up instead of the other way around. And I really wish S&W would get more attention and push.