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Remember the OSR Superstar contest? I was digging around and found my magic item entries…I didn’t make it past the first round. I assume there is no harm in posting them (I actually sent an email asking for permission forever ago but never heard back).  So here are they are – have fun!

Potion of Alertness  – a group containing the drinker is only surprised with 1 in 6 instead of the usual 1-2 in 6 for the duration. Moreover, the character is immune to the effects of the sleep spell.

Sling Stone of Distraction – 3d4 of these magic stones will be found. Upon attack the stone explodes into an irritating mist that distracts the target for 1d3 rounds. It is easier to attack a distracted opponent so attackers gain +1 to hit them.  Distracted targets also suffer -1 to their to hit rolls.

Adventure’s Fire Logs – this bundle of magic fire logs can be used to make a small campfire that lasts for 8 hours.  In addition to normal cooking fire qualities, the fire creates an illusion that encompasses with campsite so that it looks like the surrounding terrain. Inside a dungeon it will appear as if the hallway has a sudden dead-end.  Outside the campsite might look like a dense thicket of trees.  The magic is visual only, any other sounds or smells are still detectable.