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As OSR as I am, I am also a charter subscriber to just about everything that Paizo puts out (no minis or maps). I am a Pathfinder fan.  Well, I think they are seriously suffering from rules bloat and I don’t agree with everything they’re putting out. But I do strongly support them as a company.

Anyway, I’m mentioning all this for your OSRers out there that may not otherwise notice this little bit of fascinating news on Paizo‘s blog for today.

WP_001234Wolfgang Baur said “And I haven’t stopped loving superdungeons. I’m playing in one now, an old-school thing called the Barrowmaze. Good fun, fairly deadly, rules-light.”


Wait, who is Wolfgang Baur? Well I know him from an ancient adventure, Kingdom of the Ghouls, from Dungeon #70. Then he went on to do Kickstarter projects years before there was a Kickstarter (like 2006 and earlier). More recently he put out the most excellent Deep Magic and something for the next reincarnation of D&D.

So, yeah, kind of a bigwig…and he’s playing Barrowmaze. Score one for the OSR!