No, that’s not the latest role playing incarnation (although V&V is pretty funny). There is a lot of energy stirred up out in Blogland concerning WotC’s newest Dungeons & Dragons version.

Here is one overview.

Right, wrong, or indifferent, I’ve moved on. I am entrenched in the OSR. I am full of energy and enthusiasm for playing my game my way. So I think it would be more constructive to divert all this energy into supporting our game – let the masses hear our voice.

On July 15th, 2014 go to a brick and mortar and buy something Old School (or Pathfinder). Register your vote by not voting for 5e if that’s your thing…worse case, we get a Ross Perot incident and end up with LotFP sales sky rocketing.

Better yet, buy something and host an in-store open game! Hell, make it a DCC Road Crew event even. Just do something. The rules are free, there are more adventures you can run than you can shake a +1 sword at.

Here is a beautiful list of what’s what in the OSR.  Most of the stuff on that list isn’t free, so maybe I’ll compile my own list. Tenkar has one if you’re impatient (right hand side, middle of the page or so).