Work is in overdrive and I hardly have time for anything. So here is map to keep you comforted.

I’m a huge fan of Dyson Logos! A while back he had an awesome post that included this very impressive ruin. I am fascinated by people’s ability to draw such life like things with just a bunch of lines. I looked at this tower for probably an hour. It’s obviously seen better days. So I started wondering what it looked like in its heyday. It looks like there is a piece missing…so I imagined circular structure with an earthen ramp…


Click to embiggen

…and this is my effort to map it. The inside is about 18′ square and contains 4 levels connected by spiral stairs. The stairs go up in the clockwise direction. There is also a chimney in the NE corner running through all levels, allowing for a cooking and heating fires.

The ground floor is accessible by heavy wooden doors reinforced with iron.  Stacks of crates and chopped wood crowd the room.  There is also a hollowed out secret compartment large enough for a good sized chest mid-way up the wall where the earthen ramp butts up against the tower.

The first and second levels are open spaces with regularly spaced arrow slits. I assume the first floor is a common and receiving area. The second floor is used for living quarters. The top of the tower is crenelated and affords a clear view for miles in every direction.

It’s all very Skyrim-ish in my mind’s eye.