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There is some discussion over at the Tavern concerning the new Splintered Realms kickstarter.

Evidently Michael Desing is going to create a box set containing rules, a setting, and a megadungeon.

Why am I supporting the The Splintered Realms kickstarter?

First, I personally believe that capitalism is all that is right with the world (I avoid blantantly political and religious discussions – this is a gaming blog). I purposefully throw money at things that I believe in, in hopes that positive reinforcement will more strongly shape the world than punishing things I don’t prescribe to.

Second, I grew up with the B/X rules. …and I could go on and on about this. Michael is creating yet another clone.  I’m ok with this in the sense that I have come to terms with the OSR – we all play a game that overlaps with each other’s concepts. Labyrinth Lord, Sword & Wizardry, AFGDCCLotFP, OSRIC, or one of the originals. Whatever. I can work with it.

Third, I believe in private association over public accommodation – that family is the unit of society, rather than the individual. Michael is obviously a family man – watch the video! His daughter and pets feature predominantly…

Fourth, Michael draws some pretty compelling maps!

Tenkar is contributing, and while very cool it has nothing to do with my decision, no offense.

So there ya go. For as little as $1 you can get access to the playtest documents. and for less than three Trenta Iced Coffees you get the full blown PDFs.