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I thought I would give Arnold K’s Career Paths for 3d6 Fantasy a try, letting the dice land where they may.  Here is the result…

Moe, Male Human
INT 10
WIS 11
DEX 13
CHA 11
Skills: Gossip, Folklore, Gambling, Merchants

I don’t like talking about my childhood. Luckily I don’t remember much of it. When I was very young I used to follow my dad into the woods. Then I got lost and fell into a hunter’s trap. I laid there for a couple of days. After that I never left my mom’s side. She needed my help around the farm and I hated school anyway.

Growing up was a disaster. Suffice it to say, every short cut I took cost us more than we had. We finally lost the farm and became serfs. My only friend was our landlord’s son. And then Mom passed away…

When I first left home I spent a lot of time in the tavern (learn gossip). I heard about a missing child and it brought back painful childhood memories. I gave everything to trying to find the child. In the end I just ran away again.

I spent a lot of time with the heathens (learn random = folklore) trying to find a sense of purpose. When their sacred goat got sick I volunteered to carry it to a mystic for healing. The mystic turned out to live very far away…and the goat didn’t make it. Shamed again, I ended up back in the tavern, gambling for mead money (learn gambling).

Over time, I ended up winning more than I lost. With my new found talent I was able to buy back my family’s farm. Now selling my vegetables to my contacts back in town is earning me a very comfortable living (learn merchants).

Break down

STR: You followed your mother around. +3
INT: You hated school. +2
DEX: You took a nasty fall. +1
WIS: You got lost. Very lost. +1
CON: You had an awkward puberty. +3
CHA: An enemy became a lifelong friend. +6

I did not let him hug me (WIS 4; CHA 3)
I screwed up and they got away, but I just dealt with it (CON 2; STR 1)
It took a lot longer then I thought so I asked for help (DEX 6; INT 2)

7 16 – A regular at the tavern. Learn Gossip.
7 4 – Helped look for a missing child. Test Int to influence Cha. (6 – fail – CHA-)
2 24 – While living with heathens, you learned some of their ways. Learn Random. (31 – Folklore)
6 7 – Once carried an animal/person a great distance in an emergency. Test Str to influence Cha. (6 – fail – STR-)
3 16 – You know what money is for. Learn Gambling
6 18 – The well-to-do men who buy your crops are not strangers. Learn Merchants

OK, so there ya go…Moe is probably not a good candidate for entering the adventuring life. Maybe, he could be persuaded to carry a torch? Then again, his skill sets may make a nice source for local information. Buy him a beer or maybe a little wager might motivate him?