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barrowmazeFirst and foremost, Barrowmaze

Did you get the chills? No? Listen again, Barrowmaze… Your doom is written in those mist covered barrows. The brave and adventurous should just stay home as only the foolish and desperate would dare plunge those depths…or widths, as the case may be.

Anyway, it looks like the crowdfunding project to produce a Complete edition of Vol I and II will fund – WOO HOO!!!  Go check it out, there is a jazzy video detailing the whole thing. Then check out some of these awesome details

Dungeons & Dragons With Class: Bringing Old-School RPGs to College

From Home Dungeon to Published Game, Barrowmaze is a Success



Purple Sorcerer released their Omnibus collection of Sunken City adventures and extras. Seriously, you gotta check this out. I personally think this is the standard that Third Party DCC Publishers should be measured against.  This is seriously good stuff…






Finally, but not least, Goodman Games The One Who Watches From Below showed up today! I haven’t read through it yet, but the art and maps make this look seriously awesome.