Check out the new New Horizons trailer and look at more of the mission details here.

With only 438 days until the mission starts up in earnest I am left wondering…

By Tsathoggua’s grand-sire, whose name I know but in remembrance to that foolish pact made before my prime I shall not speak, let us hope that Pluto is not ill-famed Yuggoth. Unlike most planetary missions, we were not so bold as to impose a prolonged trespass. No, New Horizons was designed to hasten passed Pluto at unprecedented velocity. To take as much scientific information as our insights deemed appropriate and flee further out into the unimaginable labyrinth of rock and volatiles from lost and failed times. If our doom is truly fated by the aligning of the stars, the pictures sent back may do more than reveal dark towers and networks of the Mi-Go. For what lethargic agents may rouse when confirmation is made of our present advancement? The designs of their sacred moon will call for our demise when our hubris steals their image for our mere curiosity. Therefore, let us pray and petition to whatever powers hold sway over our presumed security that Pluto is nothing more more than a lifeless, frozen world whose ever secrete would titillate only the scientists whose deepest understanding occlude the things they cannot understand.