My youngest are pretty entrenched in the techno generation and I worry for their imagination. When I tell them that I grew up playing games that involved little more than friends, dice, and graph paper they are confused.

To get them involved I need to craft a game that appeals to their passions. I personally don’t get why swords and sorcery doesn’t float their boat but I can adapt.

So the campaign will be a space opera most similar to Star Wars…with Halo Spartans…and Pokemon trainers. Swords and Wizardry will form the basis but I’ll also be using tsojcanth’s 5More system for skills from his Adventure Fantasy Game. As it takes shape I’ll post my ideas but for today here are the weapons we brainstormed as a kick start (using some Swords & Wizardry notes).

Chicken Launcher (Alien)
This alien grenade launcher propels an oblong munition that resembles an egg. When the egg hits, it explodes into a screeching horror that instantaneously grows into a war-chicken (AC 7 [12]; hp 1). The flightless bird immediately begins to peck and scratch at the nearest target. Although not terribly lethal (1 dmg; auto hit unless there are no exposed body parts) the bird is also highly distracting. This effect causes the target make a Saving Throw to perform any action other than trying to dislodge the chicken. The chicken continues to attack and make tremendous amounts of noise (automatically causing a random monster check) until killed. Desperate adventurers say that despite the similarities, these birds do not taste like chicken.

Quantum Shotgun (Super Science)
Quantum shotguns fire shells of material artificially kept in a highly agitated superposition state. The shot takes ever path (possible or not) from the gun to the intended target (1d4+1 dmg), wounding every target in front of the gun (1 hp dmg). No to hit role is needed.

Razorleaf Gun (Alien)
A razorleaf gun looks like a gnarly tree branch with a slue of incredibly sharp leaves at one end. When the opposite end is squeezed a spasm flings some of the leaves toward the target (close range only). The leaves cause numerous small painful cuts for (1d4)d4 damage. If depleted, the gun will grow new leaves after being in contact with nutrient rich soil for at least 8 hours. The leaves are damaged during the attack and can’t be used for other purposes. They have no nutritional value.

Distraction Cannon (High Tech)
The distraction cannon fires a small sack-like projectile of simple nanobots. Upon impact a cloud resembling fog surrounds the target. The nanobots cause extreme irritation but do not inflict damage. While harassed by the cloud the target must make a saving thrown to perform any action other than trying to disperse the swarm. The target further suffers -2 to attack rolls due to poor visibility. The nanobots consume themselves for fuel so that after 1d4+1 rounds the cloud evaporates into harmless carbon-based ash and inert gases.

Curse Ray (Alien)
A curse ray emits a disturbing tangle of violet beams of crackling psychic energy that attaches to the target. As long as the gun is firing the connection is maintained between it and the target (while in range, but irrespective of cover). The connection can be maintained each subsequent round in place of your attack by not rolling a 1 on 1d4. Although no physical damage is done, the target becomes extremely susceptible to bad luck. All rolls made by the target are done by rolling the dice twice and taking the worse outcome of the two. All rolls made against the target are made by rolling the dice twice and taking the more favorable roll. Once fired the Curse Ray will not work for 1d4+1 rounds.

The curse ray is a bit complicated so here is an example. Suppose Chris is playing Sgt. Joe Starcutter and Beth is playing Loe AndB’hold. Joe shoots an alien assassin with a curse ray and hits. On Beth’s turn, Loe attacks with an energy sword (dmg 2d4). She rolls 2d20 and takes the higher value to see if she hits. If she hits she rolls 2d4 twice and applies the higher damage to the assassin. The assassin tries to attack Loe and rolls 2d20, taken the lower number. It misses but if it had hit, the assassin would have rolled the damage twice and only applied the lower value. During the next round Chris decides to keep firing the Curse Ray. Chris rolls 1d4. On a 1 the ray gives out. If Chris rolls a 2-4 the effect will continued.