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WP_000841Look what came today! They are actually quite stunning in person. Very high quality.

This kickstarter has me quite torn. I never doubted that John would deliver – my experience with the Sword & Wizardry white box set, X-Plorers, the game boxes, several miscellaneous orders, and Delving Deeper taught me that patience is required when ordering from Brave Halfling. A lot of patience.

See in all these years Brave Halfling Publishing has never delivered a single product in a timely manor. And communication is always feast or famine. But honestly, the products are worth it when they do arrive. So you take the good with the bad.

Kickstarter, unfortunately, opened BHP to a wider audience.  The general public rightfully felt burned and so the attacks started and keep coming. Yes, this project is a disaster, but keep the faith, they don’t call him brave for nothing!