Harley Stroh’s Thanksgiving plans made me a bit nostalgic…

My daughter has a strongly analytic mind with penchant towards programming and my son is practically a video game junkie. It seems like a doomed endeavor but I’ll never give up!

Anyway, I was reading through The Keep on the Borderlands when I ran across this:

Above all a player must think. The game is designed to challenge the minds and imaginations of the players. Those who tackle problems and use their abilities, wits, and new ideas will succeed more often than fail. The challenge of thinking is a great deal of the fun of the game.

Wow…just wow. The abilities, wits, and new ideas are coming from the players, not the characters. That’s what I hope to instill in my kids. Turn off the TV. Turn off the computer. Grab some paper and pencils, I have the dice. Now imagine a world where magic and monsters are real…