So Bundle of Holding is currently offering an OSR treasure trove of goddies.  The offering is a selection of some of the best material available. You get S&W, LL, ACK, and LotFP rules, top notch adventures (Stonehell, Demonspore, Tomb of the Iron GodDown to Ques Querax, God That Crawls), and fantastic supporting material (Eldritch Weirdness, Vornheim), and tons of free stuff (Dyson’s Dodecahedron – Vol 1 Issue 1, some graph paper, and the Primer for Old School Gaming). And there is more stuff, go check it out.

Now I’ve previously purchased every one of these so why did I donate? Well, I honestly think this bundle is too good. Half the products in there are individually worth the $15 it takes to get them all. I guess I just wanted to show my support to the authors by contributing but not taking away sales. Probably doesn’t make much sense, but oh well. I sincerely hope that if you participate you’ll find something that you really like and go buy more stuff like it. Need suggestions? Just ask!