Sigh, I am not going to stress over this anymore. Here is my September Challenge wrap up. Although fun, these questions are too hard for my busy brain.

  1. How you got started: see September 7th
  2. Favorite playable race: see September 14th
  3. Favorite playable class: see September 14th
  4. Favorite Gameworld: Homebrew – there are several and some have a lot of borrowed content from Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms
  5. Your favorite set of dice/individual dice: My original Moldvay basic set…I was going to do a full post with a picture on this topic but I can’t find them and that has seriously bummed me out – I’ll circle back around to this once they resurface
  6. Favorite Deity: see September 19th
  7. Favorite edition: see September 7th
  8. Favorite character you have played: see September 14th
  9. Favorite character you haven’t played: see September 14th
  10. Craziest thing you ever saw (in game): In exchange for sparing a witch’s life, my first AD&D character wished for a castle made entirely of emerald…
  11. Favorite adventure you have run: Considering how much fun I had running it, I would have to say Uncommon Ground by Christopher West from Dungeon 119
  12. Favorite dungeon type/location: Sandbox – let the players contribute in world building by making decisions on what gets invented next
  13. Favorite trap/puzzle: From the original Grimtooth’s Traps back in like ’81, there was a peek hole with a pressure plate…get close enough to look in and a pick would swing down. Voila! You get a sweet eye patch and can’t use ranged weapons any more – that’s role playing at its finest
  14. Favorite NPC: see September 14th
  15. Favorite monster (undead): see September 19th
  16. Favorite aberration: Aboleth…ever since Dragon 131 back in ’88 ran the Ecology of the Aboleth by Brandon Crist
  17. Favorite animal/vermin: Swarms
  18. Favorite immortal/outsider: Qlippoth, because demons really aren’t all that awful
  19. Favorite elemental/plant: are these either or questions? Whatever, I always liked those weird quasi- and paraelementals. For plants it’s hands down the myconids and the myriads of other fungus folk I’ve used or created.
  20. Favorite humanoid/Natural/Fey: Ithorian Treeherders…not a fan of the fey, but do centaurs count?
  21. Favorite dragon color/type: Silver for the good dragons and Green for the bad guys (green dragons in my early 80’s campaign had a sleep cloud breath weapon – this houserule was introduced to prevent a TPK and it just stuck – it sucks waking up with all your gear gone!)
  22. Favorite monster overall: Orcs (Old School, not those modern green skinned beastmen)
  23. Least favorite monster: see September 24th
  24. Favorite energy type: uh, is this a positive/negative or elemental question? Why not ask what our favorite spell is (Rope Trick).
  25. Favorite magic item:This one is a toss up between (Daern’s) Instant Fortress and a Portable Hole – we misread (or call it a houserule if you will) that portable holes could create tunnels through walls less than 10′ thick, so if that is the way it would function, this one wins out hands down)
  26. Favorite non-magic item: Backpack, almost as useful as a towel
  27. Character you want to play in the future: a Swords & Wizardry fighter – no fuss, no muss
  28. Character you will never play again: Half-orc, half-warforged, multiclassed ninja barbarian
  29. What number do you always seem to roll on a d20? Positive numbers…
  30. Best DM you have had: I choose my dad since he was my first DM and all this was made possible because of that first stint into the Caves of Chaos