Dang it!

Maybe I should have taken the Roles, Rules, & Rolls approach

Days 2, 3, 8, 9, & 14

I honestly don’t think I have a favorite race or class – I get a character idea stirred up in my head and certain combinations just play into that concept. I am an anti-minmax-er though. I much prefer role playing. Here are the last few characters I’ve played over the years (none of them for very long unfortunately)

  • a human druid (with some ranger abilities swapped out for shape changing) specializing in healing both land and companions
  • a gnome scribe (wizard) that mostly likes to just write stuff but casts distraction spells to help his more combat orientated friends when needed (often)
  • an incredibly weak human wizard specializing in charm and compulsion spells, comes from tons of old money and hires the friends he can’t bewitch
  • dwarven thief, dumb as a post but miraculously dexterous, likes to whittle and tinker with things, uses weapons he’s not proficient with
  • half-elf theurge (spontaneous caster of both wizard and cleric spells – since the party otherwise had neither), quests to identify his unknown deity and reconcile his duel nature, superiority¬†complex with none of the angst

Being a DM is more fun in this aspect since I get to be all kinds of characters! Some of my most memorable characters were NPCs. There was a twisted warrior woman bent on ending the world, a combat junkie dwarven cleric of battle, and a toad wizard (high level, 1 hp, could only cast spells with no somatic component). Memorable is more fun than efficient.

Looking over the list again it appears I am leaning more towards casters. So I would guess the character I most want to play would be a straight up fighter…now to think up his back story, motivations, and goals…