Stupid day job…I’m determined to get caught up though – maybe I’ll have one rambling post instead of trying to fit in all 7 in one day? I don’t know, the topics seemed kind of jumbled. I think I’ll tackle them in logical groups.

Day 1: How you got started & Day 7: Favorite Edition

110792I’ll start like this. The first D&D game I ever looked forward to was the Cook Expert Set, companion to the Moldvay Basic Set. See, when I was 10 my dad bought the Basic Set from the local WalMart. I remember him basically forcing me and my younger brother to sit down with him while he read the rules. It took all afternoon (in Kid Time which translates into 30 minutes in Adult Time). He then read the rules while trying to run us through the Keep on the Borderlands. We died instantly. Fell into a pit and expired before we even had any idea what we were doing. And that was that.

17037But a seed was planted…and somehow, lost in the haze of time, I kept going back to that box. And my friend had the game too. And we played – we took turns DMing each other through solo campaigns with ridiculously overpowered characters. We bought the Expert Set because we needed more inspiration. We fought giants and terrible witches (I spared her life in exchange for a castle made of emerald).

Advanced D&D forced us into a whole new realm of possibility (what do you mean the dwarf is a cleric?!?). We were older and this version of the game allowed us to be more advanced in our role playing (we actually followed the rules). This made the game more fun but maybe less magical.

waFast forward through high school, girls, college, marriage, children, job, mortgages, more children (in that order). When I next rolled dice it was the newly released 3.5 edition. The D20 system was brilliant. I found a random group of similarly situated guys and off we went. The Wizards Amulet by Necromancer Games was our gateway into modern role playing.

I sided with Paizo in the Great Edition Wars. But over the years I’ve noticed that what I miss most about this whole experience is that early magic. I think rules actually get in the way sometimes – that’s probably a whole blog topic on its own. But it helped my find the OSR. It felt like going home.

17158So, to answer the original questions. I got started by dying in the Kobold pit in the entrance of Cave A of the Caves of Chaos near the Keep on the Borderlands. My favorite edition is B/X because I learned to face death by breaking the rules.