Numenera is out!

What is it?  Numenera is the new roleplaying game by Monte Cook.  It’s not D&D. It’s some kind of far future world where fantasy and science fiction blur.  It’s not orcs and spaceships though.  It’s about a world of ancient super-tech and an almost post-apocalyptic civilization ready to explore it.

Another way this is not D&D is that all your traditional systems are different – everything from attributes to experience.  It’s all different…

Is that a good thing? Beats me, but it sure seems like a fun system and world to play in!

So here is my attempt at an oddity – whats that?  Well, most stuff you find is categorized as a cypher, artifact, or oddity.  Oddities are those things which do stuff but have no immediate benefit to exploring.

Two hole-studded crescents intersect creating a cavity in the center.  On either end are protuberances that can act as handles.  When a character holds one end and points the other at another person [something with stat pools] a sparkling silver light appears in the cavity between the crescents.  Sometimes the light is closer to the wielder and sometimes it is on the side closest to the target.  Sometimes the light seems to hover in the center. [the device compares the character’s stat with the highest pool to the same stat in the target. The light points to the larger value or floats in the middle for a tie.]

…ok, so maybe this is an artifact, albeit a lame one.  Artifacts are typically gear that aids in exploration (which includes defensive and offensive items).  I suppose a truly enterprising team could use this as a weak light source by pointing it at each other.  If the players ever discovered the device’s effect (which is most definitely a side effect of whatever its true purpose is) they could use it to size up opponents. I still don’t think this would give them a terribly useful edge (hence the oddity status).