Look what came in the mail!my artisan dice sample set

I missed Artisan Dice’s first Kickstarter campaign but reached out to Charlie Brumfield and he was taking PayPal orders for Kickstarter pledge levels for the first couple of days afterwards.  I would have loved some ancient bog wood or anything exotic but I could only swing a random sample set.

Yeah, that was back in April 2012.  Every Kickstarter I’ve ever participated in (and it’s an embarrassingly large number) has been late (except Numenera!).  However this one was plagued with all the same pathetic management the worst of the worst boasts: infrequent updates, broken promises, ignored correspondences – and all mine were outside the Kickstarter pages…  The word “ASS” was penciled on the side of my dice box but I’m going to assume that it means assorted.

artisan dice box

It’s sad really, because I think Charlie is a great guy and the products are every bit as amazing as you can imagine.  So, my assessment – buy with caution and only if you’re desperate for some amazing novelty dice.