So in reading through all the DCC adventures in preparation for Tenkar’s contest (go vote!) I started to see the shape of the ancient world.

(there may be spoilers in what follows)

clinical version:

  • Age of the Builders
  • Age of Dinosaurs
  • Age of Serpent-men
  • Age of Worms
  • Age of Strife (includes the Toad War)
  • Age of Cults

cheesy version:

Man is a wretched being doomed to endlessly suffer the whims of one malevolent era after another.

The earliest records tell of a powerful race of sea creatures that predated the age of dinosaurs.  This is telling in that there were civilizations before man.  It also confirms that there was an age of dinosaurs.  Did mankind live alongside these giants or did our beginnings fill the void left by them?  Perhaps time will tell.

We know that the precursors of humanity became the backbone for the great serpent empires that followed some ages later.  Human-like simian species continued to serve powerful war-wizards and may have evolved along a divergent path.

And then the world was ruled by worms when man appears to be most similar to who we understand us to be.  Information about this foul era is not readily available (yet) and I left wondering if this is some sort of degenerate culture left by the serpent men?  How much more time passed before the machinations of supernatural forces lead humanity to fight their battles in the Toad Wars?

As we scrambled from tribe, to clan, to civilization we have constantly succumbed to the lure of easy power.  Even now cults are everywhere and the need for heroes is stronger than ever.  Will you rise to combat the trends of history?

And this look at history does not even try to reconcile the timeline according to the Four Ages of Man which seems to have credibility found in the Tomb of the Last Colossus and the world-flood taught by the Rueans.