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This Saturday (July 13, 3013) at Starbucks in McKinney, Texas, I am hosting what I hope to be monthly open game of Goodman Games Dungeon Crawl Classic!

woo-hoo!!! …wait, what? Starbucks?

DCCRPGlogo-300Yes, this is probably a doomed experiment, but as a 40-something family guy I have too much on my plate to commit to a regular game.  I also cannot ever find time in the evenings to sneak out play for hours on end.

So here is the idea – lets see if a couple of people can hook up in the morning and play while drinking the sweet nectar of the gods.  I’ve talked to the manager and they are more than happy to host our gathering.  I can even put up a flying in the store (pictures to follow).  So who is with me?  Coffee and scones, instead of beer and pretzels!

I know this is a bit short notice – if you would like more information add a comment here and I’ll email you back.  And again, the goal is role on a regular basis.